1. BIG PICTURE: We look beyond our piece of the work to consider the many factors critical to project success.
  2. DEEP THINKING: We analyze and investigate multiple alternatives to develop rigorous solutions.
  3. TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE: We share our knowledge about the latest approaches in our industry.
  4. POINT OF VIEW: We help our clients cut through the complexity to focus on the critical issues.
  5. PROACTIVE: We anticipate future problems, needs, or changes to prevent surprises.

“They are really good at ‘no surprises’ – they are proactive, they are always a part of the solution, and they look at everyone’s bottom line.”


  1. QUALITY: We build systems of the highest integrity to ensure efficiency and endurance.
  2. EXPERIENCE: We share our deep knowledge and ‘know-how’ with each other.
  3. IMPROVEMENT: We seek and share the opportunities we see to make our systems better.
  4. INGENUITY: We bring clever, cost-effective, and practical solutions to our client’s complex problems.
  5. COMMUNITY: We are stronger and smarter when we work (and play!) together.

“They hire people with deep experience. That’s important.”


  1. PERSONAL CONNECTION: We have a genuine interest in getting to know our teammates and clients – personally and professionally.
  2. HELP: We take time to support our co-workers and clients because help is a necessary ingredient for fostering true relationships.
  3. GENUINE CARING: We believe that there’s always room for kindness and concern.
  4. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: We keep our cool and “seek first to understand, then to be understood.”
  5. TEAMWORK: We respect each other’s differences and strive to bring out the best in everyone.

“If I have a problem, I know they will listen and then we’ll work together to find a solution. They don’t point fingers.”